PU foam plastic flame retardant standards are increasing

The PU foam molecular chain contains combustible hydrocarbon molecular segments, small foam density, large specific surface area, flammability, and foam-like pore structure, good gas permeability and high molecular hydrocarbon chain ratio. Therefore, When burning, it will accelerate the burning speed and the loss of mass. The limit of oxygen index (LOI) of combustion is between 16% and 18%, which is a flammable material. In addition, the hard PU foam will burn and decompose in an open fire to produce a large amount of toxic gases and fumes such as HCN and CO, which will bring great difficulties to fire fighting and fire escape, which may eventually lead to huge property losses and casualties.

PU foam plastic flame retardant standards are increasing
The application of rigid PU foam, such as building insulation, oil pipelines, car seat cushions and interiors, is closely related to people's lives, so its fire retardant properties are also crucial. In recent years, domestic and international applications of rigid PU foams have put forward higher and higher safety standards, and have revised relevant flame retardant regulations and flame retardant standards, such as the "combustion performance of flame retardant products and components in public places issued by China." Marking, making PU foam flame retardant research has become one of the most important research topics in the PU industry.
The so-called flame retardant or flame retardant, actually refers to a specific standard to achieve a certain specification or a test method. Generally speaking, in the case of relatively small fires, PU plastic foam can still burn in the fire. The foam with good flame retardancy can self-extinguish in small fires, which is not easy to cause fire, can reduce the spread speed of fire and reduce the generation of irritating toxic fumes.

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