Plasma cutting analysis

Plasma cutting: Plasma arc is used as a heat source. With the help of high-speed hot ion gases such as nitrogen, argon, hydrogen and other mixed gases, the metal is melted and the others are separated to form a slit. Under the same conditions, plasma arc cutting is faster than gas cutting, and the cutting material is also compared. Canton; a small current isolator arc cutting, high-current plasma arc cutting the water jet and other arc cutting two kinds, plasma cutting machine in all walks of life, there are. Such as: advertising industry, construction machinery, metal processing, shipbuilding, etc., so the plasma cutting machine is widely used.
However, the operation and maintenance of automation equipment are potentially dangerous. Therefore, when operating or maintaining the machine, it is necessary to pay attention to strict operating procedures, maintenance manuals, etc. There are preparations to do before the plasma cutter operates.
1 Check the status of the plasma switch and the indicator light.
2 According to the requirements of the manual, the air source should be fully prepared. The gas type, quality and process should be in accordance with the requirements and the cutting power and current should be adjusted.
3 Turn on the plasma cooling system and check if the coolant level is appropriate. If not, add enough, and check the use of plasma consumables at any time.
He pre-adjusted each of the four plasmas, including flow number, pressure, and status selection.
5 CNC cutting parts of the cutting program input, adjust the cutting parameters, (acceleration slot compensation, cutting methods, etc.).
6 The material to be cut, such as hanging, is just right, and the initial cutting position is adjusted.
During the cutting process, close observation of the cutting condition is required to prevent accidents. During the plasma cutting, the piercing time should be appropriate. If it is too long, arcing will occur. If it is too short, uncut phenomenon will occur. So plasma cutting can't use crawling perforation: the general situation is that when the plasma arc penetrates the plate, the machine can move and start cutting. If the plate is not penetrated by the plasma arc, the machine will start to move and will stay on the plate. The tangent line that is not cut through in the next section will be splayed upwards during the process, which will reduce the service life of some parts such as plasma cutting nozzles and electrodes. When it comes to plasma consumables, its good cut directly affects the quality of the product (say, smoothness, verticality, etc.). Therefore, the service life of plasma consumables is very important. But what are the factors that affect its service life?
1 To ensure that the gas pressure of the plasma system is too high, the electrode life is too low, and too low to reduce the life of wearing parts.
2 The appropriate piercing height, piercing height is generally 1,5 - -2 times the normal cutting height is too high will cause arc failure or damage, nozzle, too low will cause slag flying, causing damage to the wearing parts.
3 Reduce the number of arc failures. Failure to start arcing is usually caused by a failure to start or stop. This will shorten the life span of the consumables, and each occurrence will reduce 10-15 perforations for most plasma systems.
4 gas purity.
5 cutting should be to reduce the number of flashes perforated, as far as possible in the edge cutting.
6 reduce the piercing time.
7 Remove the slag from the protective cap in time.
8 When you change the wearing parts, you should wash your hands and ears cleanly. Do not use dirty hands or wear gloves to replace them.
9 The oxides on the wearing parts should be promptly removed and the wearing parts should be properly stored.
10 Check the cooling water circuit at any time, whether or not the air pressure is abnormal, and regularly perform the dust blowing on the plasma.

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