Watch it move! 9 super practical home cleaning tips

Toothbrushes, bath balls, screens, kitchen countertops, these are the most common places and necessities of home life, but as time goes on, the home can be filthy, bacteria breeding places are numerous, how can we thoroughly clean these supplies and corners What? This article will introduce 9 super practical and labor saving methods for everyone!

1. To kill the toothbrush

Toothbrushes are tools that help us clear the bacteria that stagnated on the teeth. Many people only know that they have to brush their teeth every morning, but do not know how to “bath” the toothbrush? In fact, cleaning the toothbrush is very simple. First, rinse the toothbrush thoroughly with water, then put it in alcohol with a concentration of 75%, and soak for half an hour. In addition, it is recommended that you change your toothbrush for three to four months!

2. Easy decontamination of white furniture

The white furniture in your home is very easy to get dirty. Use only a rag to wipe off the stains. You may squeeze the toothpaste on a clean rag. With a light touch, the stain on the furniture will be removed. However, do not use too much force so as not to hurt the paint.

3. Sterilize the bath ball

Some people like bath balls when they bathe, but bath balls are also like toothbrushes. They are placed in wet bathrooms for a long time and are more prone to bacterial growth. How can you clean it thoroughly? Put the bath ball first into the alcohol with a concentration of 75%, soak it in hot water several times after soaking for half an hour, and finally dry it out again to dry the bath ball.

4. Screen cleaning

The screens were covered with dust. Most of the time we cleaned, we removed the screens and washed them with water. Tell you a good way to clean the screens without removing the screens: Wet the used newspapers with a rag, and stick the wet newspapers on the back of the screens. Wait five minutes and put the newspapers on the screens. Take it off and you will find the wet newspaper covered with dust stains on the screens. This method cleans screens, saves time and effort.

5. Razor sterilization

Some people shave off the beard after shave, just very reluctantly rinse it with water, often ignoring the residue on the razor residue or dead skin, so that the razor has become a hotbed of bacteria. Take a piece of cotton pad and spray some alcohol with a concentration of 75% on it. Then use it to wipe the blade of the razor. Remember to use the razor and put it in a damp place such as a cabinet to avoid the blade. Rusty.

6. Cabinet panel cleaning

When the cabinet panel of the embossed decals is cleaned, the cleaning products used must be thick and soft, and do not use metal steel balls to avoid damaging the surface of the cabinet. As a result, the old cotton t-shirts at home became the first choice for cleaning products. Soft and absorbent, scrub to cover the embossed pattern of bumps, such as the case of missing or stubborn stains, combined with the old toothbrush and decontamination paint a few, the cabinet will be a new look.

7. Health of toilet brush

Everyone knows that the toilet brush can be used to clean the toilet brush, but it ignores the hygiene issues of the toilet brush. In fact, cleaning the toilet brush is also very simple, first flush the toilet brush with water after use, and then use 75% alcohol to dry after disinfection, and then use hot water to thoroughly sterilize the toilet brush and clean, pay attention to certain Let the toilet brush dry and put it away!

8. Toilet suction cup sterilization

No matter where the home is blocked, the toilet suction cup will play a very good role, but because of its full use of its role, so its bacteria content can not be underestimated. The same is the first to the toilet suction cup, sprayed with a concentration of 75% alcohol to disinfect, and then rinse it thoroughly with hot water on it. It turns out that these bathroom accessories are the source of breeding bacteria!

9. Clean the kitchen floor

The floor of the kitchen is easy to accumulate grease, and before the mopping, it is not like pour some vinegar on the mop, so that the oil can escape.

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