How to deal with wall cracks? How to repair wall cracks?

Many friends will encounter cracks in the wall soon after they arrive in the new house. There are many situations, but few people know the reason. Cracking a big hole on a white wall affects your mood too much, so be sure to fix it! Let's let the decoration home decoration network Xiaobian introduce to you how to deal with the wall cracks , I hope to give you a beautiful mood!


How to deal with wall cracks:

1. If cracks appear in a large area, the wall surface of the cracking surface is chiseled into a "U" shape, and the spacing of the "U" groove is greater than 20 cm. The chiseled substrate is chiseled and the steel mesh is hung.

2, after the wall substrate is cleaned, first put a layer of good cloth, kraft paper or newspaper on the wall, using the tension of the fiber to ensure the integrity of the latex paint film. This method is relatively simple and easy, but the effect is average.

3. Remove the insulation board on the wall surface, or remove the cement wall surface. Install a layer of gypsum board or “five PCT board” on the outside of the insulation layer, and then make latex paint on it. This method can remove all the irregular cracks, and the cracks are generally the joints between the plates, which is better to handle. However, this method is costly and difficult to construct.


4. Use decorative materials with elasticity. At present, there is a kind of "elastic putty" that can compensate for the wall crack problem to some extent. A certain wall paint can also play the role of covering small cracks on the wall surface. But the material itself has less "elasticity" and does not work on walls with cracks.

5. Some consumers simply remove the insulation layer of the wall. Although this method can be done once and for all, it will reduce the insulation and thermal insulation of the wall, so it is not recommended.

How to deal with wall cracks is introduced to everyone here, I hope that the introduction of the decoration home decoration network Xiaobian can bring convenience to your life, after remediation, I hope you have a beautiful mood! For more related knowledge, please pay attention to the decoration encyclopedia section!

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