Analysis on the New Technology of Strawberry Inducing Disease Prevention and Prevention

Improving the biocontrol effect by inducing plant resistance is a major advancement in the biological control strategy. This frees the situation of relying solely on the colonization and antagonism of biocontrol bacteria, so that the disease prevention effect is more ideal, and it is safe for humans and animals and environmentally friendly. Using strawberry to induce new disease-preventing and disease-preventing techniques, the comprehensive control effect of strawberry continuous cropping diseases such as Fusarium wilt and anthracnose can reach more than 95%, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of dead seedlings, and can promote the growth and development of strawberries and make them bloom early. As a result, the effect is obvious. as follows:

First, the root of the legal pre-planting strawberry seedlings for root treatment, using 1 billion live spores / Bacillus polymyxa WP WP 250 times, or 100 billion live spores / gram Bacillus subtilis WP 1000 times solution, Or 300 million live spores / Trichoderma harzian WP 500 times solution, or 2% amino oligosaccharide water 500 times solution, or 2% Chunremycin aqueous solution 500 times solution, plus 25% pyrazole ether Quaternary ester emulsion 2000 times solution or 25% azoxystrobin suspension 2000 times solution. Treatment method: use a wide-mouth barrel or a field raft that is 15 cm above the ground. The plastic film is not damaged inside, and the depth of the liquid is 6 to 10 cm. The roots of the strawberry seedlings are neatly placed in the liquid, dip. 10 minutes, take out in a cool place, ready to plant.

2. The rooting method is to use 1 billion live spores/250 times of Bacillus polymyxa, or 100 billion live spores/gram of Bacillus subtilis 1000 times, or 300 million live spores/Trichoderma harzian WP 500 times. Liquid, or 2% amino oligosaccharide water 500 times solution, or 2% spring seromycin 500 times liquid, etc., plus 25% pyraclostrobin emulsion 2000 times solution or 25% azoxystrobin suspension 2000 Double liquid, watering the roots within 1 to 3 days after strawberry planting, and the heavy disease field for long-term continuous cropping, the roots can be watered twice every 7 to 10 days, and the amount of liquid used per plant is 200-300 ml. The above two methods are combined and combined with the prevention and control of other diseases to fully spray the field plants to prevent the spread of diseases, effectively control strawberry diseases, promote their growth and development, and increase yield.

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