Country style decoration layout method country style decoration considerations

Now the farmers have stepped into the house that is often renovated. So what kind of house should we decorate? There is a suggestion in Xiaobian, that is, the country style decoration , this country style decoration is characterized by being close to nature and simple, and Warm and comfortable feeling, so it is also a favorite style of many friends, then the decoration of the home decoration network Xiaobian to say how to decorate the country style decoration, so that everyone can be renovated in the future.


First, the country style decoration layout method

1, color

The bright colors, simple and comfortable style are the obvious signs of the country style, you can simply put these two signs into your decoration plan. First, choose a calm canvas-like background color that will give you the cool style you like. The house on the lakeside, using yellow, can ingeniously inspire the subtle shades of yellow, blue and red, combined with simple white paint, is a classic of the country cottage.

2, the classic skills of the overall color of the house

The white-painted furniture in the kitchen must be paired with the gorgeous delicate utensils in order to maintain the authentic style of the country. The exterior wall can be solidified in khaki, and then the delicate style of home accessories will complement the style.

3, furnishings

The ancestral objects or the re-brushing, old-fashioned ornaments from the flea market, especially your favorite collections, add a cultural heritage. Apply a slightly darker color to narrow spaces such as porch and corridors. Don't you think that you can evoke memories of the past? In order to make the colors match harmoniously, you should group the collections by color.

4, the nature at your fingertips

A classic cottage always blends in with the outdoors. Natural light enters the house as much as possible. Floors and furniture use wood or other natural materials as much as possible. Tables and chairs use wood and vines to accentuate texture and texture.

5, wood-paneled room

There is no more rustic style material than the classic wood. It is better than traditional walls, it can be glued in any space, and its splicing can make a small space accommodate more things. If the ceiling is directly spliced ​​with logs, it will make us smell the natural atmosphere of the country.


Second, the country style decoration notes

1. Get more carpets, such as some of the most trampled positions, such as the gate, the table, and the coffee table in front of the sofa. Around the bed.

2, arrange some simple colors and the depth of the floor to open the level, do not choose too much classical patterns. Pastoral style decoration notes and tips.

3. Get a little closer to the closet and get some good looking partitions. The floor selection is medium and shallow, a bit antique, not too bright and gray.

4, the wall light color with a bit of color, not too bright, beige, light yellow, light gray green or even light gray are good, the top left white, better not to look better.

5, the sofa selects the retro point of the 3 person long strip sofa, the color as far as possible to open the distance from the wall. It can be the color of the jumping point.

6, the furniture white wood color mix and match, the chair is better mix and match, even the table with 6 chairs of different colors, but the style is not too conflict.

Have you seen our country-style decoration method steps feel practical? Xiaobian thinks that this country-style decoration is very suitable for our rural friends, the big city can also be decorated like this, it will appear in the noisy city A simple retro atmosphere. Everyone still wants the knowledge of decoration and continues to pay attention to the decoration home network, thank you.

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