[Market] Take a quick look at your 3M mask! Linfen police seized over 100,000 fakes

In winter, fog and haze are common, and anti-haze masks are selling well. Can be negotiated individually and also quasi quasi-selling season to start a profit-fighting business, a large number of wholesale fake and shoddy 3M masks, this mask not only can not filter the harmful substances in the air, but also aggravate the consumer's health. On November 29, the civil investigation team of the Lanzhou Public Security Bureau of Linyi City guarded against a few days and ended up with a black den in a market in the urban area and seized more than 100,000 counterfeit and shoddy 3M masks and dust shields. To take this opportunity, Yimeng Evening News also tells you how to identify and purchase genuine 3M masks to protect your health and safety.


Some time ago, the civilian police of the Economic Investigation Brigade of the Lanshan Public Security Bureau unintentionally heard a citizen whining on the street. The citizen purchased a 3M mask but he did not think that the mask had been damaged after wearing it for a few days. After inspection, the mask was obviously workman- Roughness and odor have seriously damaged public health.

He does not mean that. The investigating police immediately alerted them and judged that there might be dens in the Linfen market that were manufacturing or selling fake and shoddy 3M masks, and decided to investigate the facts. After a period of investigation, the police discovered several roadside shops selling fake and shoddy 3M masks. Through control, the purchase channels came from a wholesale market in the western suburbs of Linyi. As the scope of investigation became smaller and smaller, the police finally found a special one. Wholesale sales of counterfeit 3M masks and dust masks.

At 8 o'clock on the morning of November 29th, a reporter of the Yimeng Evening News rushed to the wholesale market with the Economic Investigation Police. After discovering that the owner and the staff of the shop were all in the same place, the police quickly got out of the shop and controlled the shop staff and checked in the shop. A box of counterfeit dust masks ready to be sold outside the country. After the boss, wife and staff were under the control of the police, the police came upstairs and found that the second and third floors were full of more than 100 cases of fake 3M masks and dust masks.

After on-the-spot interrogation, the police learned that there was a special warehouse in the shop. The police quickly found the warehouse and found hundreds of cases of counterfeit 3M masks and dust masks. According to the survey, since 2016, the boss Liu has faked and shoddy 3M masks and dust-proof masks from wholesalers at lower prices, and then sold them after increasing their prices. On the same day, the police investigated a total of more than 100,000 counterfeit 3M masks and dust masks. On the 29th, the shop owner Liu was detained by the police.


According to police handling the case, due to the frequent occurrence of haze in the winter, various kinds of anti-mite masks on the market were favored, but some merchants also took the opportunity to make up the black heart money. These counterfeit masks are rough and use poor quality filter materials, and their filtration performance is not up to the standard. Consumers who wear such fake masks will not only fail to play their due protection but will also pose a health risk.


We often say that PM2.5 is actually a particulate matter with a diameter of less than or equal to 2.5 microns in the air. PM2.5 mainly causes harm to the respiratory system and cardiovascular system. The elderly, children and patients with heart and lung diseases are sensitive to pollution.

The police explained that after the inhalation of phlegm, public health has begun to suffer damage. If the public then buys counterfeit 3M masks wrongly, it will not only fail to filter haze, but will also inhale harmful substances in the masks together with smog. It will bring double harm to your health. In particular, dust masks are mainly used on some dusty construction sites and gravel yards. These poor quality dust masks cause more serious damage to workers' health.


The police said that when purchasing masks, citizens must buy masks that have a “LA” (Labor Protection) mark or “LA” and “QS” on the packaging. Also check whether the product name, production date, factory name, site, shelf life, and product instruction manual are clearly marked.

1, smell, genuine 3M mask does not have any odor, only activated carbon masks have a faint smell of activated carbon, rubber bands have no taste.

2, see the print, 3M masks are printed by the laser, printed traces are 45 degrees oblique, and fake ink is printed, often with ink uneven traces.

3, look at the LA logo and QS certification (not printed on the box, that is not useful, are two small labels), non-domestic masks, as long as it is officially come in, must have LA certification, domestic masks, whether domestic use Or for export, all must have QS and LA certification.

Counterfeit dust masks have little effect on dust filtration and greatly harm workers' health.

At the same time, we must also do “six don’ts”:

1. Do not buy masks that the operator can provide without proof of purchase.

2. Do not buy face masks without factory name, site address and hygiene license number or without packaging.

3, Do not buy masks that are all foreign and have no Chinese logo on the packaging.

4. Do not buy masks that do not conform to hygienic packaging and unsealed bags.

5. Do not buy layers with actual layers less than the number of layers indicated on the package.

6, do not buy shoddy, in the gauze mask with impurities fabric mask.


1, gauze and disposable masks, can not stop PM2.5

Medical masks include medical surgical masks and disposable medical masks, mainly for PM3 or more inhalable particulate matter, and may have a slightly smaller effect on PM2.5 or less inhalable particulate matter. Like ordinary cotton masks such as cotton cloth, its principle of resistance to flow is a mechanical barrier. Through the mechanical filtration barrier of this layer, large particles can be blocked, but for diameters less than 5 microns, the defense capability is limited. That is to say, ordinary gauze masks and disposable medical masks have poor blocking effects on PM2.5.

2. Is the material of the mask as tight as possible?

In theory, the more the protective material of the mask is closed, the better the effect of blocking the particles. On the other hand, the more closed a mask is, the more difficult it is to suck it up, and it may cause dizziness due to lack of oxygen. Wearing a professional protective mask such as the N95 can easily cause difficulty in sucking, especially for patients with cardiovascular diseases.

3, wear masks with stress, clean and sanitary is the most important

In addition to the correct choice, the method of wearing a mask is also stress. When people use masks, no matter what kind of masks, they should be cleaned and disinfected every day. When cleaning masks, they should be put in boiling water for a few minutes, cleaned and then brought to the sun to dry, so as to play a role in sterilization. Also pay attention to hygiene during daily use, put the mask into a clean bag after wearing, and do not turn over when you wear it again.

4. Should masks be worn for long periods of time?

Avoid wearing for long periods of time. The cold air sucked by the nose is close to body temperature when it enters the lungs. This physiological function of the human body is born, and can be enhanced through exercise, so that people's hardiness is significantly improved. Wearing a mask artificially stops the exercise that this physiological function should have received. Over time, the nasal mucosa's own resistance will decline, and it will be easy to catch a cold if it is slightly cold.

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