Interpretation of home improvement model room between 100 square meters of home improvement model room

There are three kinds of common model rooms in the market, that is, the rough house, usually only the type, wall, pipe and ground. And between the model of the delivery room, usually it has been simply renovated. There is also a luxury model room, which is also often referred to as a model room. Usually a well-decorated house. Today, Xiaobian told everyone about the detailed interpretation of the luxury 100 square meters home improvement model .


Luxury 100 square meters home improvement model room: first, furniture

All furniture was bought in Ouyada. The sofa, the living room, the white round chair, the master bed, and the master bedroom white stools were all bought in a store on the third floor. The specific store name was a bit forgotten. Just in the store before the renovation, these sample furniture are sold at 4.8 fold, usually only 30% off! So I set the order, and the second week I found that the store is selling almost everything. Fortunately, it’s okay to start. I love this set of sofas in the furniture. This kind of color sofa is rare, and it is so affordable. It’s really a treasure! It’s still to be respected by the river waves!

Luxury 100 square meters home improvement model room: second, decoration painting

The paintings at home are Jiang Lang helping me to scouring the Internet. The name of the shopkeeper in the living room is “Swan Star Dream”. These two paintings are a little expensive. I spent 1000 yuan, but the effect is quite good! It took 129 yuan, the effect is good!

Luxury 100 square meters home improvement model room: third, decoration

The flowers on the dining table, coffee table, and TV cabinet are all from the North. The carpet is also ringing the North, the boss is a young man, very good person. Because he originally allowed me to arrive at the carpet for almost half a month, but because of the delay of the factory, I didn’t send it on time, but I rushed in and came here. The boss let the factory airlift. I heard that the air freight cost 100. More, my carpet is equivalent to the loss of the sale, but the boss said that business should pay attention to integrity, the loss of the book also has to do, and later I feel embarrassed! Decoration is a road that is full of hardship, is also a happy road, ending waiting Our satisfaction and beauty! We hope that we will do our best for our home!

Luxury 100 square meter home improvement model room: fourth, bedroom

The bedroom is made of wooden elements, and the dark coffee-colored wooden wall on the side of the bed is luxuriously restrained, combined with the wooden bedside table, showing the elegant personality of the head of the household. This is a log of the old window of the window, the door and the floor, and the fresh and rich feeling is presented. This 100 square meter decoration model room highlights the personality of the bedroom, which reflects the family's love of life and style, and also reflects the high taste of the head of the household.

Luxury 100 square meters home improvement model room: one of the major issues to pay attention to

1. The area has become larger. Because there are not many model rooms in the existing house, there may be such a difference between the model houses temporarily built in the sales office. The same area, because the wall is thin, the indoor space is seen. It is bigger.

2, the scene changes, even in the same building, because the floor, orientation is not the same, there is no identical two-bedroom house. As far as buyers are concerned, try to learn to look at the floor plan. Since the scene placed outside the window between the models is not a real scene, it may be found that the superb view may be facing the neighbor's kitchen.

Luxury 100 square meters home improvement model room: two of the most important things to pay attention to

1, expensive decoration, originally, the attractive between the model is decoration and furniture, since it is a model, your future home can also be decorated like this. However, in general, the model rooms are planned by professional planners, the selected materials are all fine, and the expensive decoration company will carefully engrave every detail, and it will take a lot for your family to reach this specification. Therefore, regarding the finely decorated house, the model room can only be used as a reference.

2, the furniture is placed, just pay a little attention, you can find that a lot of furniture placed in the model room is smaller. For example, in a restaurant where the space setting is not reasonable, the planner has specially reduced the scale of the table and chair in order to compensate for the shortcomings. There are also planners who agree that the furniture in the model room is usually modern and concise. It is relatively delicate and not so heavy, so it is for a sense of space. This is why when I look at the time between the models, I feel that the interior space is very large, but it is particularly short-term because I bought a set of furniture.

Luxury 100 square meters home improvement model room: three of the big things to pay attention to

1. The color extension, which is called a good model between each one, has a common feature, that is, the harmony of colors is consistent, so the obvious effect is to reach the visual extension, and then Brings a sense of space.

2. Abuse of glass, the planner uses a large amount of glass raw materials in the model room to build a bright and shining atmosphere. But if you use too many mirrors on your usual day, you may feel that you are feeling uncomfortable in the illusory world.


The 100 square meter home improvement model room is very good for a family of three. The above is the introduction of the luxury 100 square meters home improvement model room introduced by Xiaobian. It is over here. For more information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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