Is clear water brick wall easy to use with water brick walls?

The interior wall of the home can't lack the presence of bricks. There are many kinds of wall bricks, such as clay bricks, shale bricks, coal gangue bricks, fly ash bricks, lime sand bricks and slag bricks, etc., while the water bricks are One of the wall tiles that has a better decorative effect, is it easy to use a clear water brick wall? What should you pay attention to with a clear brick wall? Let's take a look.

First, the simple brick walls easy to use it

The clean water brick, also known as the clean water wall brick, has the characteristics of load-bearing integration, variety of style, simple construction, etc. At the same time, it is also a relatively good building material. It is a kind of brick that can be used as a wall, but also can be decorated. It mainly includes rectangular bricks and matching bricks, so its finishes are diversified.

Clear water bricks have good heat insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, antifreeze, etc., and they also have good qualities such as non-discoloration, durability, environmental protection and no radioactivity. It is generally designed as a porous structure, with good shape and thermal insulation effect. It can be used as a load-bearing wall and the construction speed is fast. The clear water bricks are mainly used for landscape design of landscape bricks, such as floor tiles, garden tiles, etc.

Second, with water brick wall what should pay attention to

1, mortar

The strength of cement mortar bonded cement mortar shall not be less than M7.5 cement mortar or not less than M10 cement mortar, and the admixture of additives shall not contain soluble salts. The mortar consistency should be 60-80mm semi-dry low-alkali mortar. Masonry mortar should be used at any time with stirring.

2, can not soak

The water brick is only about 50% of the water absorption rate of ordinary bricks. It cannot be soaked in water. Only when the climate is extremely hot and dry, can it be watered and moistened before masonry, or sprayed with water and wetted slightly before masonry. The main purpose is to prevent the mortar from penetrating the decorative surface of the brick and cause frost to affect the decorative effect.

3, mortar seam width

When laying bricks with clear water, it is necessary to use pull-pieces at the middle of the height of the mortar joints so that the requirements for overlapping joints can be achieved and the width of the mortar joints should be properly discharged.

4, timely cleaning

Shimizu brick masonry construction process to strict management, if the mortar accidentally spilled on the brick exterior, use a brush to clean up after 3-4 hours, clean up in time does not affect the surface of the tile decorative effect.

5, waterproof treatment

In order to prevent rain, water leakage caused by water within the brick hole caused by flooding or mortar washed to the appearance of the brick, after the end of the daily masonry, use a rain cloth to cover the mouth of the brick wall, otherwise it will also affect the decorative effect .

6, moisture and alkaline treatment

The wall should be brushed with silicone coatings to prevent moisture and pan-alkali on the walls, and it can also improve waterproof, dustproof, and durability.

7, pointing

We must use special grouts such as black dry mortar which has low water absorption. The grout should be horizontal, vertical, full and dense.

8, to distinguish a good brick finish

The clear water brick wall should have a strip surface and two Ding surfaces as decorative surfaces.

Edit Summary: The above is easy to use it on simple brick walls and brick walls with water presentation there anything I should know, water is a brick wall bricks in the presence of relatively new, it has many advantages, compared to traditional brick is Better building materials, but these places should pay attention when building walls.

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