Trends make smart locks subvert your unlocking

Since the second half of last year, smart door locks have clearly seen a rapid growth trend, and with the rapid rise of the apartment market this year, the market size of smart door locks will increase exponentially. Smart door locks have become a blast of the smart industry, and are strong and explosive products with real value and viscosity.
In an era of intelligence, people's lives can be said to be wise everywhere. For example, smart TVs, smart air conditioners, smart curtains, smart cars, smart phones, etc., have gradually become inseparable from our lives.
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Therefore, in this era of background, smart door locks have gradually entered the people's field of vision with the development of smart homes. However, at present, people know little about smart locks, and even know nothing about them. So many users are either too expensive when facing smart locks, or is it safe to ask this thing?
Therefore, what each smart locker wants to say to the user is: unsafe, unreliable, unstable products, how can we sell it to you? This kind of product is sold to you, not only your interests, but also your own brand and rice bowl.
Therefore, as people's awareness of smart locks increases, smart locks will gradually replace mechanical locks.
Smart lock is an unstoppable trend
Smart locks are not safe, so good, only know when you use them. Just like when air conditioners first appeared in China, everyone thought it was expensive, but now? Air-conditioning has basically entered thousands of households.
Technology represents the future direction of development, and smart locks represent the future direction of locks. When one day, when people mentioned locks, they first thought of smart locks. Smart locks really went into thousands of households, and this day has slowly come to us!
Of course, we also saw the emergence of smart phones, so that the function machine gradually lost its position on the rivers and lakes of mobile phones; at the same time, the appearance of digital cameras, the film disappeared, and also killed Kodak for a hundred years; in addition, after the appearance of WeChat, hit There are fewer people calling and texting;
When Alipay appeared, fewer people came out with wallets and cash; when you felt that travel was inconvenient, Moby and ofo appeared; when you felt that it was difficult to get a taxi, you appeared...
Therefore, this is the trend. In the face of the trend, there is bound to be the disappearance of old things. Nowadays, smart locks have emerged, and mechanical locks will gradually withdraw from the historical stage in the near future. This is the trend, no one can stop it.
Smart locks make switching doors easier
When it comes to smart locks, the first thing people think of is the incomparable convenience of mechanical locks. In fact, the original intention of intelligence is to make life easier and simpler.
In terms of convenience, the difference between using and not using smart locks is still quite large. When people get used to smart locks, I am afraid that no one can return to the era of mechanical locks.
In daily life, people always pay less attention to forgetting to bring keys and losing keys. Only when such a thing really happened to oneself, was it really a helpless thing to realize that being rejected.
We can imagine a scene like this: shopping back in the big bag, returning to the door and looking around for the keys, more trouble; relatives come, they can not go back in time, let them wait in the corridor, feel better off Sometimes, when I got home from work, I found that the key fell on the unit...
Therefore, the first priority of smart locks is for those who often suffer from forgetting the keys and losing the key syndrome. Because, with the smart lock, mobile phones, fingerprints, passwords and other technical unlocking methods, the key has become a history.
Remote authorization to unlock or set a temporary password also allows relatives and friends from afar to wait for the owner to come back outside the corridor.
Smart locks make home safer is the last word
Although, in people's minds, smart locks are born for convenience. But in fact, convenience is just one of the most basic functions of smart locks. In fact, the most wanted thing for smart locks is to return to the essence of the lock, that is, to be optimistic about the home.
Compared with the passive anti-theft mechanical lock, the smart lock belongs to the category of active anti-theft. It uses remote monitoring, anti-smashing alarms and other technical means to make locks safer.
We know that in the era of mechanical locks, the general case of burglary has been solved after breaking the lock. The most common method to break the lock is to open the technology, because this method has the characteristics of quietness, fast speed and no trace.
At present, more than 50% of users in China still use extremely insecure A-class locks (this is the survey data of China Consumers Association), and thieves can open such locks in less than half a minute. Therefore, mechanical locks have become one of the weakest links in home security.
The smart locks are different. Most of the smart locks have anti-technology open and anti-violence alarm functions. That is to say, once an abnormal open condition occurs, the smart lock will notify the user by voice, SMS, etc. ;
At the same time, the smart lock can also be docked with smart cat eyes, home cameras, etc., to achieve linkage arming, so that home security without dead ends, so that homes become more secure.
Smart lock, not only smart but also caring for family
Human-computer interaction is the biggest feature of intelligence. We know that mechanical locks have basically no interaction with the user except for closing the door and locking the door. Therefore, people do not have emotional attachment to the locks.
But smart locks are different. Since they are an important part of smart homes, interacting with users can show its intelligence. One of its most interactive features is its connection to smart cat eyes, smart home appliances, cameras, smart curtains and more.
Artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction are the future trends, and smart locks are moving in this direction. The progress of smart locks will also be reflected in the care and communication of users.
For example, when a stranger stays at the door for a long time and destroys the lock, the smart lock informs the user of the information, and the smart cat eye, smart camera, etc. also monitor the person appearing at the door.
In addition, children and the elderly go out and remind home, also reflects the interaction between smart locks and users. Moreover, it allows the user to know the child, when the parent goes out, when to go home, etc., which reflects the love of the smart lock to the user.
In terms of intelligence, more and more smart locks incorporate ai (artificial intelligence) technology, making smart locks smarter and more user-friendly, and have the ability to learn actively, remembering the user's habits and allowing smart locks. It's faster and easier to use.
When the old man and the child have not returned home for a long time, the smart lock can also actively remind the user to confirm whether the old man or the child has any accidents, and the care of the family is reflected everywhere.
Conclusion: The future has come, smart locks must be the future development trend. Whether you like it or not, use it, its era has arrived, and you can't stop it.

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