Solution on rust prevention of slime dryer chimney

How to solve the problem of rusting the slime dryer chimney? The rust of the slime dryer has greatly affected the production efficiency. Therefore, we should understand the reasons for the rust of the slime dryer and the corresponding solutions. Here is a brief introduction to the method of rust prevention for the slime dryer. Causes of chimney rust: 1. Weather Cause: The chimney is prone to rust in the external environment without any protection. For example, special weather such as rain and snow, cold and hot, and wind and rain on the gas field will cause great corrosion damage to the steel chimney. 2. Causes of exhaust gas: The slime gas is corrosive, and the steel chimney reacts with corrosion of corrosive gases and water vapor for a long time. The exhaust gas temperature is high, and the anti-rust paint is peeled off by high-temperature heating of water vapor to accelerate the corrosion of the slime of the slime dryer. Corresponding solutions: 1. Apply high temperature and anti-rust oil to the chimney, especially the joint with the dryer. 2. The flange connection between the chimney tubes of the slime dryer is convenient for replacing the corroded steel pipe and saving cost. Contact phone Juxin Machinery: E broken machine: http://Product/SuiShi/20120815/1501.html Box crusher: http:// Double-tooth roller crusher: http:// Shredder equipment: http:/ / High-efficiency fine crusher: http:// mobile shredder: http:// Slime dryer: Three-pass dryer: http:// Vertical dryer: http:// Desulfurization gypsum dryer: http://Product/XiXuan/20161027/2498.html Sand production line: http:// River pebble sand machine: http: // Small sand making machine: http://Product/ZhiSha/20120901/1478.html New sand making machine: http://Product/ZhiSha/20170618/2615.html Ball mill: http:// Construction site Car washing machine: http://

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