The five major reform directions of the furniture industry in 2016

The real economy has shrunk significantly under the big wave of economic development. The development of the household industry in the past two years can be said to be “chaotic”. In such a market environment, furniture companies must seek change and be able to stand up. Nowadays, many home market players have taken channel innovation as a breakthrough to regain their vitality. Compared with the hypermarket model that the high-speed development of the home industry relies on for more than a decade, home furnishing companies are now more inclined to diversify channel construction, and integrate channel resources according to their own characteristics and goals. This issue will explain the five major directions for channel transformation in the transformation of the furniture industry.

Light channelization, opening independent stores and brand-operated stores

With the decline in the growth rate of the industry, many home industry practitioners have realized that the hypermarket model is not universal. In addition, furniture hypermarkets create a “gap” between furniture manufacturers and consumers, making it difficult for furniture manufacturers to get feedback from consumers in the first place. When talking about the industry's doubts about the chain hypermarket model, an industry insider said that the problem of hypermarkets is mainly that the expansion is too fast and the relationship with dealers and manufacturers is not handled well. The existence of the hypermarket model has its rationality and inevitability. The person also said that in the context of the industry's lack of prosperity, manufacturers and distributors should not push the responsibility to the hypermarket after encountering problems.


The cost of opening a store in a hypermarket is high, and many home brands choose to use independent stores as an important complement to the hypermarket model. Zhao Zixing, manager of Dickson Furniture Export Department, said that Dickson Furniture's head office in many cities is an independent store, because independent stores have greater freedom and better environment to better serve customers.

Relatively speaking, the brand-owned store cluster mode of the famous home Expo is easier to operate. The characteristic of the home furnishing park is to introduce brand enterprises to set up direct sales stores on the basis of the platform of integration of trade and trade. For home brand companies, the benefits of entering such an integrated trade and exhibition platform are obvious. On the one hand, a large-scale booth will be held at the famous furniture exhibition twice a year, which is conducive to the brand to contact customers. On the other hand, the store can be used as a normalized product display, docked with merchants and designers, and can directly do business for ordinary consumers.

Big home, soft assembly market, release energy

The integration of furniture and accessories is the general trend of the development of the home industry. Soft clothing is a very popular formulation in the jewelry field in recent years. In this regard, Wu Jiayu, president of the Guangdong Provincial Building Soft Decoration Industry Association, said that furniture, accessories, etc. can only be called soft clothes if they are integrated. In fact, this kind of soft-packed integration is one of the most significant development directions of home integration.

According to industry analysts, the largest single jewelry exhibition in the country and the largest single jewelry center in the world at the famous furniture exhibition has clearly shown the trend of home integration of furniture and accessories. The emergence and development of this trend will not only bring new opportunities and models to the home furnishing industry, but also bring better home consumption experiences and services to consumers.

Horizontal alliance and deep cooperation with designers

Strengthening cooperation with designers is the consensus of many furniture brands in recent years. In many cases, what the designer plays is the bridge between the customer and the home product manufacturer.

In the market environment where high-level design talents and design institutions are scarce, it is not uncommon for designers to carry large orders of tens of millions of yuan. In particular, the cooperation between engineering and custom furniture companies and designers has unlocked huge market energy by solving the “pain points” of consumers over the years.

Many home furnishing companies say that designers are the forerunners of consumers. Companies should provide designers with timely resources to match their design needs. Many companies that have collaborated with designers have found that after the products are integrated according to the designer's needs, the sales volume of the products has increased rapidly, accompanied by large sales orders.

The Dongguan International Furniture Design and Research Institute has also established a designer club to promote communication and cooperation between designers and designers and furniture companies.

Zhao Jiayu, president of the City Window, said frankly that 30% to 40% of the orders for the City Window in the famous home Expo shop are from designers. One of the reasons is that the famous home Expo Park has a strong platform for designers as an integrated platform for trade and trade. Attractive.

Customized competition, competing for custom furniture market

Shangpin Home is the most successful custom furniture company in China. The company rushed to nearly 3 billion yuan in annual sales in just a few years , so that the industry could not help to re-examine the civilian custom furniture market. In fact, large furniture brands such as die furniture, left and right furniture, and Dixin furniture have also entered the field of custom furniture, further enhancing the popularity of custom furniture.


Different from the soft-matching company's emphasis on integration and integration, custom furniture focuses on the combination of interior space design to better meet the individual needs of consumers. Some powerful custom furniture companies build their own industrial chains within the company, and include more types of furniture products in the queue of self-production and sales.

In 2012 , the Furniture Customized Furniture Committee was established in Dongguan. In recent years, the committee has accelerated the development of custom furniture companies in Dongguan by integrating the resources of designers and custom companies.

Dongguan Chuangkai Furniture Co., Ltd. has always been focusing on hotel engineering furniture, but with the tightening of the home market in the past two years, the company began to transform the whole house custom furniture field for ordinary consumers. Mr. Xiao, the company's responsible person, said that the company provides design services and produces furniture for the whole house, with accessories. Among them, furniture and other products are produced by the company's own factory, while jewelry, doors, wooden floors, etc. are provided by the company's integrated products. This kind of customized service, the price is only about half of the price of buying first-line brand solid wood furniture.

Experts in the industry analyzed that it is necessary to be planned by the designer to provide the key project for the consumer to stay in the bag. Companies involved in this project need to have several conditions, first of all, they have furniture designers, space designers, architectural interior designers and soft designer. Second, companies should have their own fixed factory, otherwise it is difficult to guarantee quality and delivery time. In this field, there is actually a low threshold. Taking the location of the decoration as an example, it is often necessary for the technician to measure it on site and complete it on site. It is difficult for a small company to be fully competent.

Internet access, direct Internet access to consumers

In recent years, more and more furniture companies have begun to use the new channel of e-commerce for product sales and brand display. Compared with other models, e-commerce will have a greater "threat" to the traditional model in the future. Whether it is the " O2O " model of Merlot's online and offline combination or the pure online shopping model of Lin's Wood, it shows great vitality.

In Wang Yuankang, the chairman of Ouyimei Industrial Co., Ltd., e-commerce can let home manufacturers directly connect consumers and directly enter the huge consumer market. In addition, the e-commerce model allows manufacturers to understand the needs and ideas of consumers in the first place. Although the current e-commerce channel turnover accounts for only 20% of the total business volume of Ouyimei Industrial Co., Ltd. , he believes that the development space of home e-commerce is still very huge.

Liu Tiejun, head of Dongguan Sleep Music Home Co., Ltd. believes that future furniture sales will not be the current exhibition economy and hypermarket mode, but will gradually be transformed into a "big network small entity" model. Liu Tiejun analyzed that the rational consumption of consumers will gradually be greater than the perceptual consumption, and will prefer the cost-effective home products. At the same time, more and more consumers will choose to understand home brands from the Internet. Therefore, the “big network small entity” model, which is mainly based on e-commerce and supplemented by the small offline experience center, will be the direction of the future home industry model. In fact, even the hypermarkets such as Red Star Macalline have been actively exploring home e-commerce in recent years.

Compared with the use of e-commerce platform to sell products, more industry insiders are optimistic about the online and offline O2O mode. The famous home Expo Park also set up the Guangdong Famous Home Expo E-Commerce Co., Ltd., dedicated to providing one-stop and diversified e-commerce services for home brands.

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