Microcat earn APP development (source code development)

Micro cat earn APP development to find [Zhuang Sheng 158 electricity 1504 Wei 7940], micro cat earn source software development, micro cat earn APP system development.

Micro-cat earns APP development task income and team reward introduction:

1. Microcat earns APP rating:

VIP1: Charge 330 yuan, you can get 990 gold beans, 3 times the income, 11 yuan a day

VIP2: Charge 660 yuan, you can get 2640 gold beans, 4 times the income, 22 yuan a day

VIP3: Recharge 990 yuan, you can get 4950 golden beans, 5 times the income, 33 yuan a day

VIP4: If you charge 1,980 yuan, you can get 11,880 golden beans, 6 times the income, 66 yuan a day

One golden bean is equivalent to 1 yuan

2. Microcat earns APP sharing rewards: (second-level distribution)

Direct push reward:

Direct push members can get 30% of the total income of the first-tier members ,

Share with 5 people, you can infer 20% of the member's total income


According to the 990 yuan mission package:

Share 10 people,

Direct push: 33 golden beans x30% x10 single x30 days = 2970 yuan / month

Push between: 33 golden beans x20% x100 single x30 days = 19800 yuan / month

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