BBJ explosion-proof sound and light alarm (90dB) quality products

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In the attitude of being highly responsible for the majority of customers, we reminded friends that when purchasing BBJ explosion-proof sound and light alarms, please look for direct manufacturers, pay attention to the other side's business license, confirm whether there is production qualification, choose more registered funds, Manufacturers with relatively large production scales refuse to trade companies, and product quality and after-sales service are guaranteed. Yangzhou Golden Crown Electric always welcomes customers to visit and inspect the factory. We have the ability and strength to provide customers with the best quality products and the most complete service.

Product Alias: Industrial integrated sound and light alarm, industrial sound and light alarm, integrated sound and light alarm, sound and light alarm, voice sound and light alarm, sound and light alarm for ships, sound and light electronic buzzer, explosion-proof sound and light Alarm, crane sound and light alarm, sound and light alarm can be recorded, acousto-optic voice alarm for mining sound volume of this alarm: 90 dB.

I. Product Introduction:

BBJ explosion-proof sound and light alarm cast aluminum alloy shell, surface spray.

Tempered glass cover, with strong impact resistance, and red, yellow, blue and other colors to choose from.

Pipe or cable wiring can be.

BBJ explosion-proof sound and light alarms perform quality control in accordance with ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system standards to ensure that the product quality is higher than the national standard and fully meets the design requirements. Within one year from the date of purchase, any malfunctions under normal use of the product are the responsibility of the company. Free maintenance. Meet the GB3836-2000, IEC60079 standard requirements.

Second, the formation of the explosion concept:

The concept of explosion—explosion is the process by which a substance undergoes a chemical or physical change from one state and suddenly releases a tremendous amount of energy.

Three necessary explosion conditions: 1. Combustibles; 2. Combustion aids; 3 Ignition sources a. Combustibles: Materials that react with air (oxygen), including gases, liquids, and solids. Gases: Hydrogen, methane, acetylene, ammonia, etc. Liquids: alcohol, gasoline, paint, etc. Solid: dust, fiber dust, etc.

b. Combustion enhancer: Mainly air, oxygen in the air.

c. Ignition source: including open flame, electrical spark, mechanical spark, static spark, high temperature, chemical reaction, etc.

The basic concept of explosion protection - an environment in which explosion may occur.

Third, the explosive environment is divided into two categories:

Category I: Coal mine underground electrical equipment II: All other explosive atmospheres except coal mines and downhole electrical equipment Class II can be divided into IIA, IIB, IIC categories, IIB equipment can be applied to IIA equipment conditions of use ; IIC can be applied to IIA, IIB conditions of use.

Installation is strictly forbidden in the flammable and explosive places. Do not damage the explosion-proof surface during installation and keep it clean. The explosion-proof surface fastening screws should be tightened evenly. Note that the explosion-proof surface should not contain conductors or other foreign matter. The control line should be laid separately from the strong electromagnetic field conductor. If it cannot be avoided, the detection bus cable should be armored with a shielded cable, and ensure that the shielded cable is well grounded.

The use of long-term use should regularly check the performance of explosion-proof fire alarm and sound alarm, such as failure or damage to be repaired by professionals

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