Glass door repair method Glass door maintenance knowledge

Glass doors are popular with people for their moisture-proof, mildew-proof, non-deformable, clean and many other advantages. Most homeowners will choose glass doors when choosing bathroom doors and kitchen doors. Because the use of glass doors is relatively high, but it will inevitably cause some problems with the use of a long time. Next, Xiao Bian will share with you glass door repair methods and glass door maintenance knowledge. We will learn it soon.

Glass door repair method

First, the glass door handle under the wear and tear of the time, it is easy to fall off and other failures, we can remove the handle to replace the new one.

Second, if the glass door pulley does not work, the easiest way is to replace the broken parts or pulleys and let the glass door work again.

Third, for example, there is friction and insensitivity when sliding the door leaf, which is the problem of the spring. When abnormal sound occurs in the use of the glass door, or the flexibility is reduced, the problem component can be found immediately, even if it is replaced.

Fourth, sometimes the glass door fails, it is not a problem with the parts, nor where is stuck, but there are other things fell into a key position, resulting in abnormal sound and insensitivity. At this time, as long as the foreign matter is cleaned up, it can return to normal. However, after cleaning, the parts should be inspected to see if they have been seriously damaged and need to be replaced.

Fifth, the glass door frame is deformed or damaged due to the long use time and the problem of thermal expansion and contraction. This can cause the glass door to fail to push normally, or even be completely stuck and unable to move. At this time, you want to remove the glass door lock, and then replace the frame. This amount of work is large and requires professionals to perform glass door repair work.

Glass door maintenance knowledge

First, when we use the glass door, we must keep the glass clean and tidy, and the glass door is installed in a dry and ventilated place as far as possible to avoid damage to the glass door parts.

Second, the glass door is clear and transparent, and its appearance is very high. However, its impact resistance is limited, even if it is a solid tempered glass, if you use too much force will crash. Therefore, it must be taken care to avoid severe expansion.

Third, if the glass door uses a push-pull opening and closing method, we should regularly lubricate the piston so that the glass door can be opened and closed more smoothly and simply.

4. Periodically inspect the various components of the glass door during daily use, and replace it immediately if there is a problem, so as to avoid turning minor problems into major troubles. Parts can be lubricated on a regular basis, making them easier to use.

Xiaobian introduced the glass door repair knowledge and maintenance skills in the above article. I believe we all know that the glass doors are the most prone to problems because of its parts and components. Once a fault is discovered, it must be resolved immediately. The usual maintenance work is also very important. Oh.

Glass door glass door repair

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