Led traffic light installation instructions

As we all know, the rational setting of led traffic lights can effectively relieve traffic conditions, increase traffic capacity, and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. The quality of a led traffic light is related to its design and installation. The last Xiaobian has shared the design requirements for led traffic lights for everyone? Then this time to share the installation instructions of led traffic lights.

Led traffic light installation instructions:

First, the installation sequence explains:

1, single lamp assembly;

2. Placement of light poles;

3, led traffic lights control cable threading;

4. The lamp pole and the crossbar are connected and fixed and assembled;

5, assembled, install the countdown timer, wiring it;

6, signal light direction correction, fixed;

7, ed traffic light pole fixed, fastened;

8, signal pole lifting.

Second, the wiring instructions:

1. Each lamp head is connected to four core wires (ie, three wires and one standby wire). The number of cable cores led by the traffic signal control machine to the pole hand hole is determined by the number of lamp heads configured on the rod, that is, one lamp head uses one core and five cores. Cables, two lamp heads use one 10-core cable, three lamp heads use one 14-core cable, and four lamp heads use two 10-pin cables;

2. In the underground part, the cable is led by the traffic signal machine through the embedded pipe well to the hand hole of the pole. On the ground part, each lamp head leads a 5-core cable to the pole hand hole through the pole hand hole and signal The cables brought by the machine are connected;

3, traffic countdown through the traffic signal lamp wiring, the number of cables is negligible;

4. The power supply and traffic signal are connected by a 3-core cross-section 6mm2 cable.

Third, lamp pole description:

1. The main body of the signal lamp should be gray or silver gray;

2, led traffic light pole protection grounding resistance should be less than 10Ω;

3, the diameter of the embedded threaded pipe should be greater than Φ50mm, bending angle should be greater than 120 °;

4. When installing the traffic light pole, ensure that the pole body is vertical and the slope shall not exceed ± 0.5%;

5. The installation base of led traffic light poles should adopt ground anchor concrete foundation. The upper end of the anchor bolt is threaded, and the lower end is a bend or other similar pull-out structure with an included angle of less than 60°. The anchor bolt should be welded on the lower flange.

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